_____ and Take

I come to your dinner party empty-handed, yet I ravenously consume the food and alcohol you have graciously provided.

This assembly line is in good working order until the final step, resulting in a product that fails to meet any of the world’s standards. I’m downloading everything and uploading nothing. My bank is overflowing from your collective two-cent contributions. I’m plugging but not chugging.

I’m in the market for a goal, and I’ve called around hoping to get a good deal. I’ve been waiting for an aha! moment that has frankly never arrived. I’m tired of going halfway for a nonexistent notion, yet I haven’t yet come up with a good response to this intense inertia.

It’s like I’m saving up my energy for something gigantic, but the game is in its critical stages, and I’m still foolishly stockpiling lives – an enormous reserve which will have been collected in vain once this window disappears.

I don’t know how to fully exert myself because I’ve been able to get by with B effort most of my life, and I’ve done a decent job of hedging my bets for the instances when my primary focus wanes. I’m at a meaningful juncture right now, though, and there’s an imminent engulfing presence I can’t fully comprehend. I’m coming out of this hibernation with the idea that it will be the last, and it’s imperative I make the most of any and all resources I collected before I went under.

All I ask is to care about something. Anything. I’d like to put this overpowering cosmic indifference to rest and offer something useful to the world.